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Who We Are


Regional Manager, Emeritus

Mike Davis

Mike began his insurance career in 1989. He worked in the health insurance market, MONY doing higher end life insurance and disability plans, and with the New England Company beginning the basics of financial planning. He then decided to add Final Expense to his portfolio. This led him to pursue a full-time career in final expense planning. After working with several companies in the final expense industry, he found Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company (LHLIC) to be the best and began a career with Lincoln Heritage in 1996. Mike was a successful agent with Lincoln Heritage for many years. In 2003, he moved into management for LHLIC.  In 2005, Mike was appointed as Regional Manager for Dallas and East Texas. The Mike Davis Group has enjoyed steady growth and is consistently producing well over $100,000 annual production of Final Expense coverage for families and individuals in Dallas County and East Texas


Regional Manager

Rebecca Pugh

Rebecca graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences. She worked in the speech-language pathology field for 14 years, in both public schools and home health. In 2017, she decided to pursue a career with The Mike Davis Group. She worked as an assistant to Mike Davis for a year and a half, while working as an agent in the field. In 2019, Rebecca transitioned into a managerial role with The Mike Davis Group.

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Regional Manager

Andrew Nichols

Before Andrew started his career with The Mike Davis Group he worked in the food service industry for 15 years. He managed several restaurants, spending the last nine years working as a Senior Director at a Chick-fil-A in Dallas. In those nine years at Chick-fil-A he helped increase sales, giving him the opportunity to move to different locations and further sales growth. Andrew then wanted to take his management skills and look for a greater opportunity, which brought him to The Mike Davis Group. He started as an agent in the field then transitioned to a managerial role. Andrew is very active in his church and loves to spend time with his wife of eleven years and his three young children.


Agency Manager, MGA

Ed Long

Prior to Lincoln Heritage, Ed spent thirteen years at IBM in the IT field while working part-time in the life insurance industry. Ed soon decided to go full-time with Lincoln Heritage. Ed has over 19 years of experience in the life insurance industry. Ed has been with Lincoln Heritage for eight years. He was the top agent in The Mike Davis group for 4 of those 8 years and was the first agent to hit 20,000 in production before he moved on to becoming a MGA. The Long Group was the first MGA in the Mike Davis group to  amass 100,000 in production. The Long Group has gone over a 1,000,000 in production annually for the last 2 years. The Ed Long Team is one of the fastest growing teams in Texas. 


Agency Manager, MGA

Mike Ellerbee

Prior to Lincoln Heritage, Mike spent 12 years in the military. Six of those years was as an Attack Helicopter Pilot.  After the military, Mike worked as a Production Manager with several major food producers including Frito-Lay, General Mills, and Pillsbury. Mike's first year as an agent with Lincoln Heritage, he finished #57 in the country as a producer. His second year, he finished #6 in the country.  And in his third year, he finished #2 in the country. Mike has been a Top 10 Agent in the country for four consecutive years, and the #1 Agent in Texas for four consecutive years.  Since starting with Lincoln Heritage, Mike has averaged over $26,000 per month in personal production.  He has written over 2,400 policies in just 5 years, averaging 480 policies a year and helping an average of 40 families per month.  Mike went over $1.5 million in agent production in just 5 years.  He is on track to amass $1.5 million in income within five years.

The Mike Davis Group (MDG) had its humble beginnings 20 years ago in Dallas, Texas.

Mike Davis manages a team of 75 plus agents for Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company®. Having worked for Lincoln Heritage, the number one final expense company for 20 plus years, we are passionate about serving and educating families on the importance of final expense life insurance. We help families prepare for what has the potential to be the most extremely stressful, emotional, and financial time. As the regional manager, I am always looking to add to our team and am specifically Interested in mentoring dedicated, hardworking individuals who want to build a career with The Mike Davis Group/Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company.

MDG refuses to be satisfied with its current success, and is continuously raising the bar by adding Managing General Agents every month and developing the best final expense agents in the country.

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